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S57 3D Running Technique Analysis

At Studio57clinic, we have one of the UK’s first 3D running technique labs that can provide the most accurate detailed understanding s to why you may be struggling with an injury or training plateau. And despite so many books, forums and other health professionals promoting you run any differently than you unconsciously do, we simply use the laws of physics to identify the reasons behind your running efficiency. As it’s safe to say that Gravity is one of the reasons why our bodies fatigue (it’s hard work constantly pushing up against it you know!) surely it’s logical therefore to see how it effects you with the increase of intensity, duration and frequency (that’s marathon training by the way!). Running biomechanics has come a long way since we are able to now measure forces placed on the body. This breakthrough in technology has certainly shifted a lot of previous running theories into disrepute (Eg: There is no great evidence that having a flat foot or pronation is indeed bad for you!)

Prices starting at £129 (much cheaper than a course of physio for a calf injury!!). Visit or call 01273 711399 today for a free telephone consultation as to whether you would benefit from having your running technique analysed.

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