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S57 Running Massage and Prehabilitation

They say there are three kind of runners, runners that have an injury, runners that have just got over an injury, and runners that are just about to have an injury!
For many, sports massage plays a huge role in getting them to the start line in as best condition as possible. When mileage starts ramping up, checking in with your therapist for an overhaul once a month can deliver wonders mentally and physically to help prepare you for race day.
Our team at studio57clinic are here to shoot the breeze with you, whether race plan, time splits, nutrition, hydration, pre  / post race advice, we’re all more than experienced to help talk you through any last minute preparations and help reduce and nerves.
Or maybe, you’ve got everything in hand you’d prefer to enjoy a treatment in complete serenity.   (best to avoid booking in with Mitch then!)
We always promote booking a full 60 mins for massage (especially if you're looking for a full leg treatment). If you're stepping in purely for calves, 30 minutes could suffice. What's important is that there is time allowed for the therapist  to be as effective as possible. This requires time for the therapist to get heat through the muscles slowly to allow them to be more 'tolerable' to pressure further into the treatment. 

Every member of team 57 has experience with treating Pre and Post massage, a few therapists good for the job include:

Maria Pali

Maria Pali, A supreme massage therapist & our Marathon and Ultramarathon pocket rocket!
Since 2010 Maria has run over a 100 marathons and 25 ultra marathons. Our very own die hard running enthusiast comes armed with a tool box of treatment styles to help support your body as you ramp up time on your feet towards race day. Maria runs locally with Brighton and Hove Athletic Club and is a full member of the 100 Marathon Club and Vegan Runners UK. 

Mitchell Phillips

Mitchell Phillips - Director + Running Injury Specialist.
Mitchell is the director of Studio57clinic and StrideUK, one of the UK's leading 3D running technique companies. Being submerged in the art of running biomechanics and being an all seasoned runner who values the benefits of sports massage, Mitchell provides deep tissue massage, injury advice, running shoe recommendation, training tips and nutritional ideas to runners of all levels. Mitchell's available most of the week and Saturdays too.     

Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips - Running Injury  / Massage Therapist
Available on Sundays (how commited is that!) Matt is our go-to-guy for everything running. Working also with  our 3D running technique lab, his technical understanding of running injuries & performance is second to none. He also offers amazing hands on therapy with our running community and has a bag full of tricks to help you get to the race line if pain or discomfort rears it's ugly head!

Massage therapy prices as follows

We always promote an 60 minute initial visit as we need to take details and a small check list of health  / medical issues. Typically, massage is best if you allow time for your muscles to settle in to most appropriate and preffered pressure relative to you. For these reasons, this is why we wouldn't tend to promote anything shorter than 45 minutes unless you're coming in for a quick 30 minute calf loosening! Pre and post massage is always best for 60 minutes, if you're looking for a full soft tissue overhaul... go 90 minutes!


Maria treatment prices

Maria treatment prices

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