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Our rule of thumb... always listen to your body when it’s whispering to you rather than when it’s screaming at you!
There is nothing more frustrating when something that you get so much mental and physical relief from ends up creating pain or discomfort, resulting you having to begrudgingly stop. To most runners, there’s never a convenient time to endure an injury, especially if you’re in training season and working to a regimented plan. Some of us react in a positive  / proactive way and seek professional help to reduce time off your feet. Others take more of the denial  / deconstructive approach by either ignoring it or masking with painkillers.  Accepting that you have a injury is first base to fixing it, seeking professional help to get a structured plan of attack is second (third is committing to the plan and doing your homework, forth is returning to your race plan albeit a few weeks behind but injury free and confident to return to your Sunday morning long ones!

Our aim is to give you a confident diagnosis of your injury, and provide you with  all the tools you need to do to overcome your injury by yourself. We believe that given the right information with the right timings, you don’t need to visit us frequently. If however you prefer having us on support to help accelerate your recovery time, we’re happy to do that too.


Sports injury and Physiotherapy prices as follows

We always promote an 60 minute initial visit as we need to take details and a thorough case history to help determine the best route to recovery. During this, it is likely there will be some treatment involved whether hands on 'massage' is recommended or whether conditining drills prove the more suitable way forward. As we're keen on giving you responsibility of your rehabilitation program (saving you the cost and time visiting us) we'll give you the homework necessary to fix yourself. You can expect to leave with this information on your departure. If further treatments are required (or you feel you would like us to get more involved with your rehab), treatment times can vary from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Finally, if you wish to include a preventative treatment for the rest of your body, consider going 60 mins or 90.


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