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Verruca Needling, the most effective clinical treatment for Verruca removal


Verrucas are a very common foot problem which if untreated can result spreading not only across your own foot but also contagious enough to invade other people 'walking in your footstep'. Despite various methods in the past (whether seeking professional help or DIY jobs following the purchase of many over the counter topical creams), Verrucas have never been the easiest foot problem to treat and as a result many people find themselves enduring this highly contagious foot problem often ignoring the vulnerabilty to passing it on to others. It's only recently that studies have shown that the technique of Verruca Needling has proved to be the most successful way to treat this problem.  

The Science behind Verruca needling

Verruca needling (Dry Needling / Falknor's needling technique) is a minor surgical procedure, which involves the use of a fine needle to puncture the verruca lesion and dermo epidermal junction multiple times under local anaesthesia. The goal is to implant infected cells into the dermis thus stimulating an immune response and, therefore; destruction of the virus.
Verrucca needling is a relatively new technique in the UK, yet has been performed across the USA for many years. Very few Podiatrists in the UK are acquainted with this technique. Studio57clinic promote this as the best, fastest and most pain free way of removing Verrucas.  
"Dry needling has been most successful for patients who appear to have tried everything including visiting other experienced chiropodists / podiatrists to rid themselves of this persistant problem. Due to verrucca needling being performed under a local anesthetic, they have often been pleasantly suprised by the lack of discomfort and the speed of the recovery from surgery."   

Verruca needling is 325 (440 both feet) and includes 4 separate visits.

Verruca needling is £325 (£440 both feet) and includes 4 separate visits:
This package includes a 45 minute initial consultation to take information regarding your health and to qualify whether you are suitable for having an anaesthetic for Verruca Needling. Providing all is well, we'll book you in for a 90 minute procedure, followed by a 30 minute check up 2 weeks later. Your final visit to check that the dry needling was successful is 9 months later. If for any reason we are unable to perform Verruca Needling on you, all that you have to pay is for the intial 45 minute consultation. If for any reason the Verruca Needling isn't successful first time round, we will offer a further package of 4 visits for £150 (£225 both). 


Frequently asked questions

Do we still offer other procedures to help remove a Verruca?
Of course we do. Plenty of our other patients still prefer having the slightly older techniques used on their feet, but Dry Needling has a quicker healing time and is less painful too. This works great for professionals who are on the go. 
What if the initial consultation doesn't allow me to progress with Verruca Needling?
If any 'Red flags' are found that prevents you from having this procedure, your Podiatrist will offer you alternative Verruca removal options and you will only be charged for the initial appointment of £47
What if this procedure is unsuccessful? 
In the unlikely event that this procedure is unsuccessful, a further 90 minute treatment will be offered at a reduced charge of £150 and include the two 30 minute follow ups. 
Will I be able to drive after the treatment?
Verruca Needling involves a local anaesthetic (the area of the foot). We therefore advise you to NOT drive any vehicle for 24 hours after the procedure (your motor insurance my be compromised as a result of having local anaesthetic).
Can children have this procedure?
Regrettably, Verruca Needling is not available for children under 16 year of age. We treat many children with verruca removal, they tend to bounce back far quicker with other methods.
Still seems quite pricey!
Prices are always higher when anaesthetic is used (Dentists for example). You're also paying for a far greater chance of removing this unsightly and painful problem faster than most other methods. We ask you to compare our prices with other local Podiatrists as you'll find ours to be very competitive.

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