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Podiatry Foot Joint Pain / MSK

An MSK podiatrist assesses foot, ankle and lower limb's anatomy including muscles, tendons, ligaments and skeleton. If you are presently enduring Heel pain, shin pain, ankle pain, toe pain, nerve pain, joint pain (general foot or specific eg Big Toe), it's likely that you'd want to book in for an MSK consultation.
MSK is short for Musculoskeletal, often referred to as Biomechanics. A MSK podiatrist considers the anatomical structure from the feet up to the legs and has knowledge of influences of forces transmitted through the lower limbs to help diagnose the pain you are experiencing. This includes painful lower limb conditions including Bunions (big toe pain), Heel spurs (bone calcifications), Mortens Neuroma (nerve pain), Achillies tendonitis, Plantar faciiitis, Arthritis to name a few. 
An MSK podiatrist is likely to help reduce pain holistically through exercise and conditioning, but might also use pads, taping and often provision of an orthotic to help reduce or offset weight baring forces.
A general MSK Podiatry consultation usually lasts for 30 minutes (we promote 45 minutes for a first visit as most Muscular Skeletal problems require time to take a thorough case history) . 


MSK Podiatry prices as follows

We always promote a 45 minute initial visit to our MSK Podiatrist as we need to take a case history and perform a thorough investigation to get a strong diagnosis of your condition.  Follow ups are typically 30 minutes. If further measurements or testing is required (ie: insoles, gait assessment or orthotic prescription) further time may be required which could be up to 60 minutes. Be rest assured, our Podiatrist will gladly talk through rebookings and durations.

Joint pain MSK prices

Concessions for young children, over 60's and other members of our community

Studio57clinic offer a continuous 10% concession to the following members of our community (only valid weekdays 10am - 5pm & must be quoted when booking):

  • Doctors, Nurses & NHS Carers
  • Firecrew, Ambulance, Police
  • Army, Navy, Special Forces & Reserves
  • School Teachers & Teaching Assistants
  • Babies, Childen, Kids under 12 years of age
  • Matures, Over 60's & SWELS (seniors with energetic lifestyles!)

Concessions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, insurance claim, nor exchanged for cash. Proof of employment will be required, you must quote Concessions when booking to qualify. 

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By completing our podiatry / chiropody form will allow us to throw a few dates and times your way prior to commiting any further. The other advantage of booking online will allow us to notify you immediately should a last minute cancellation come in allowing you to step in at very short notice. Booking online is quick and easy process and should take you less than 2 minutes to complete. 

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