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Team57 event support

Studio57clinic are a truely 'hands on' and 'both feet in' kind of business. We open the earliest and we close the latest to help support clients. We even work Sundays too!  Although minimum 2 years clinical experience is essential to join us, all our therapists must have plenty of drive, focus and compassion, a level headed approach, great patience and a desire to make things happen.  Strong customer relationship skills are essential as you must be able to create trust and rapport with each and every client. A warm smile and a good attitude will get you everywhere!

If you are interested in joining Studio57clinic, whether in clinic or working with us as a team57 therapist at events, we'd love to hear from you! 

PS - Pre / Post graduates are very much welcome to join us for Event Days, CPD points are given. Do definately get in touch should you fancy the work experience.   

Currently recruiting for...

Currently recruiting

Physiotherapists and Osteopaths

We are always interested in meeting enthusiastic, friendly and reliable health professionals to join our team at Studio57clinic especially if you're a physiotherapist or an osteopath.  Each professional would be joining a busy clinic with an active register of clients on a weekly basis. Being recognised and registered through insurance companies including AXA, PPP and Bupa are fundimental as many clients visit us through their health provider.  Sports experience or a keen interest to understand sports would be a great advantage. We're very much a hands on clinic where sports massage  / manual therapy plays a big role in our clients expectations. We treat many of the running community so expect to treat a fair share of calf and hamstring injuries especially through marathon season. This position is part time clinic hours between 10 - 15 hours a week. Short clinic shifts may be required to cover at the weekend. 70% of our patients visit us via word of mouth recommendation and we have great links with our local community including local businesses, personal trainers, race events and charity groups. This is an excellent opportunity to build a strong patient base with a regular flow of new patients. Living local to Hove is very important and fantastic communication skills and high end customer service is fundimental. Please do register your name using the form beneath, we'd love to hear from you.  

Currently recruiting

Chiropodist / podiatrist (for 20+ clinic hours)

Presently our Podiatry foot health / foot care service has boomed over the past 2 years, hence we are looking to open clinic to cope with the demand. Minimum 2 years + experience (but post grads can apply) in foot care / health care / biomechanics. We require someone living local to hove and be happy to work 2 evenings a week and every other saturday (other clinic days always negotiable). You will be joining a very busy and booming clinic with diary bookings. The ideal candidate would be a friendly, very caring and conscientious professional with experience working with both young and elderly patients. We believe this job role requires 70% footcare / 30% muscular skeletal disorders. Biomechanics is one of our greatest areas of expertise as our running company  / 3D gait lab StrideUK is one of the leading running technique companies in the UK.  Expect a huge education into the massively multi contradicted area of running technique and performance!

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