Providing physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports therapy, podiatry, dance therapy & running technique analysis to the city.

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Using your health Insurance at 57clinic

Studio57clinic are recognised through most Healthcare insurance companies. In most cases you are supplied with a reference code which must be provided prior to treatment date in order for us to claim back on your behalf. Some companies are happy with a receipt following treatment, it is important that you have complete clarity from your own insurance company whether you pay up front or not. It is also important to be seeing one of our therapists who are recognised through your particular insurance company. Please note that not all the services we offer at Studio57clinic are covered by health insurance eg -sports therapy, sports massage, acupuncture, podiatry. If you are planning to use insurance when visiting us, be sure to book with the correct therapist.  

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Please notify us whether you are using health insurance prior to visiting. This is important to avoid any potential breakdown of communication later down the line. 

Using insurance with our Physiotherapists

If seeing one of our Physiotherapists, it's important to know whether our physiotherapist is recognised through your particular company. Please definately check as to whether you are seeing the correct Phyiotherapist recognised through your company as regrettably, we will have to charge you private rates as we cannot claim back. 


Troy Bradley (Osteopath)

If seeing our resident Osteopath Troy Bradley, he is recognised through the following insurance companies: (click on their profiles to know more about their experience)

Can't see your own health insurance company here?

If you have another health insurance provider that you would like to use, please call us on 01273 711399, we'll do our very best to accomodate you.

Claiming for Sports Massage?

As Sports  / massage therapy is not presently recognised as a professional body (osteopathy once wasn't either!!!), few insurance companies choose not to subsidise such treatments. This isn't always the case and policies are forever being  reviewed. Should you have a policy that does endorce sports therapy, please do let us know, we'd be happy to work with you. 

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