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Foam rolling masterclass
Knee pain class
Marathon workshop

Foam Roller Master Class

Second wednesday of every month at Studio57clinic, 

NEXT ONE-   september 2012 Wednesday 12th 6.30pm

Great For- Tight muscles, improving performance, avoiding injury

Foam rolling is a form of Myofacial release that is gold dust to anyone who participates in running, walking or any active sports.

  • Releases tight muscles
  • Improves inflexible areas
  • Removes muscles spasm & tightness
  • Helps to avoid injury
  • Acts as a form of self massage treatment.
  • Strengthens core and the upper body.

Our highly qualified injury specialist and Owner of Studio57 Clinic -Elle Phillips will take you through the key elements of foam rolling. It will be a one hour session highlighting the important areas to release, including the Quads, ITB, calfs and upper and lower back.  We will demonstrate and challenge you to work your body to the optimum.  It is also great for your core and upper body, so hits 3 areas in one.


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