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Dance therapy at Studio57clinic

Dance Therapy

Studio57clinic are delighted to offer Dance therapy and Dance screening to Brighton & Hove's dance community. Regardless if you are new to dance or training to professional level, our aim is to provide you the highest level of support to return back to your training as quickly as possible.
Dance therapy utilises physiotherapy and sports therapy techniques, targeting and tailoring them for dance injuries. For example, we understand that it is not always possible for dancers (and athletes) at a high level to put their training on hold because of an injury, so we endeavour to give you the tools to carry on while recovering from your injury. Be this small adaptations such as practising floor barre to eliminate weight bearing should you have a lower limb injury, or completing exercises under water to provide some resistance if you are not at a stage where you can tolerate weight training.

Dance screening at Studio57clinic

Dance Therapy

Dance screening is a series of tests administered by a dance therapist to assess the strength, flexibility, function, balance and general ability of your body to dance. We can then ascertain your body’s ability to perform the movements that are required for your dance style, while minimising your risk of an injury both in the short and long term.
Typically this kind of service has been aimed at pre-professional or professional dancers and has only been available in London and larger cities. We are making this service local, accessible and available for every dancer of every age. Our tailor made screening protocol uses the gold standard orthopaedic tests and assessment methods, to give you the high quality professional service you expect. 

Our fully comprehensive Dance Screening service takes approx 90 minutes, price £99  
We also provide a bespoke screening service for children and adolescent dancers to assess the areas where they may be at risk from injury. Be this insufficient balance, lack of flexibility or strength, or conditions of the bones and joints themselves which could affect their ability to compete or dance at a high level later in life.  We can detect conditions such as hypermobility syndrome early on and put in place measures to manage it. 

What to expect from your Dance Screening visit

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A screening will initially involve a detailed case history being taken, so that the dance therapist can ascertain any family history of hypermobility, osteoporosis, spinal curvature any many more ‘red flags’ for dancers. Once the general health and lifestyle of the dancer has been discussed the dance therapist will move on to the hands-on testing procedures. These will involve assessing the range of motion of each joint, checking for cartilage damage, ligament laxity, muscle imbalances, and many more for each region. The screening will be finished off by an assessment of your body in motion and you may be asked to perform some jumps, turns and dynamic exercises so that the therapist can assess your landing mechanics. They will be able to pick up any potential errors in technique, or imbalances in your body, which could lead to problems for you further down the line. Prevention is always better than cure. 
Click on the right image to see a typical example of a screening program. 

Meet Joss

About Joss

Joss qualified from London Metropolitan University with a first class BSc honours degree in Sports and Dance Therapy. She initially began her journey in the dance world and trained to a high level before sustaining an injury during an audition for full time training. Following this injury her interest in physiotherapy/sports therapy was ignited, as she was able to regain movement and get back to sport and dance. Although not destined for a career in dance she decided to put her skill set to use and chose a specialism in dance injuries. She feels incredibly rewarded by helping in the rehabilitation of others who share her love of dance. If visiting Joss for a treatment you can expect an effective assessment of muscle activation, static and dynamic posture, joint range of motion, flexibility, strength, stamina and biomechanics. All of these elements can combine to put you at the top of your game. 

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(Please be rest assured that all findings from your screening will remain strictly confidential and will never be passed to any third party or health professional without your consent) 

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