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My experience by Mitchell Phillips, Director, Studio57clinic

Running was always my 'thing' to unload stress and help myself unwind, it was always something I could turn to to make me feel better. However, since turning 40, I've been wrestling with the vulnerability of injury if I increased my running mileage. Having preached enough to my clients the importance of spreading training across a variety of exercises rather than relying one sport to keep you fit and sane... I decided to take up the kind invitation to try out British Military Fitness in Hove. 

I chose the 06.45 training on Hove lawns. This time suits me best as I can be back for the 8am school run. With winter looming, it was quite dark and a tad cold, but was warmly greeted by a group of silhouettes milling around a branded BMF van whilst dishing out coloured training bibs. Blue represented beginners, Red for intermediate, Green for tough and nails!  I took Red as I had absolutely no perception as to what was in store for me!

After a bit of early morning banter, the session abrubtly started by the bellowing sound of the Drill instructor. This noise, not enough to wake the residents of Brunswick Terrace, but enough for us to immediately quieten down, huddle into two rows and await instruction. Following a briefing covering ailments, illnesses and injuries, we commenced a full body warm up. Being an avid fan of self preservation and injury free training, it was encouraging to have the instructors deliver a well structured warm up, promoting good technique at a good pace with a positive level of energy (sprinkled with a side of order of humour and sarcasm!) Following this extensive warm up, we were split into two groups, Blue and Red bibs went off in one direction, Green bibs towards another. 

Being outdoors, it opened up the training session to a multiple of drills using the huge open space that you just don't get indoors, let alone enjoying the fresh air and other weather related elements! This first session for me was great as my daily running doesn't require me to turn direction at speed and certainly not run sideways or backwards! This whole body workout challenged my cardio, core and also promoted speed, strength and coordination. It seemed the BMF instructors certainly weren't short of training ideas either, their beach pebble run reminded me of the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan but replacing the rifle with a medicine ball!  Also seemed that their trusted BMF van was not short of any military themed equipment suitable for testing your ability at any moment at any time. What was also impressive was the consideration the instructors had not only for the colour coded bibs, but also the individual attention they gave to ensure injury wouldn't follow exercise. The session finished with a thorough warm down and stretch out. We were then de-briefed to release us back into normal civilian habitat. I left the training zone alive, wide awake and invigorated, my legs and glutes however felt like sacks of potatoes!

In summary

BMF is a another great example of community spirit revolving around fitness. It's fun, it's challenging, it's individual and it can suit anyone looking to get fit or get fitter. For me the best thing thing that came out of it was the fact that I am no longer finding myself vulnerable to injury by focussing on just my running. Adding BMF to my training portfolio will help me focus on other areas of my body to improve my overall level of robustness. Being injury free keeps me in a positive state of mind and my wife and kids believe I am better value to be around when I am feeling healthy. It's a win win win scenario! 
As for the drill instructors... they aren't that scary really, tough on the outside, very warm hearted and friendly on the inside (from first hand experience, one of them is partial to a minature blueberry muffin!)
As for the Green bibs...  never knew what happened to them! Maybe shipped off to Syria for the morning! 

Class times and locations

Hove Lawns (By the Angel Statue and Cafe)
06.45am Tuesdays / Wednesday / Fridays.  07:30 Saturdays
Hove Park
09.45 Mondays / Fridays.  
18:00 / 19:15 Tuesdays / Thursdays.  
09.30 Sundays
Preston Park
09:45 Wednesdays 
18:30 Mondays / Wednesdays  
08:45 Saturdays
From Monday 27th October: Hove Park Lower School
18:00 Military circuits
19:00 Flexercise 
Other training sessions include Boxing, High Intensity Training, Run clubs, Run Conditioning
For more information visit BMF website

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