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Official physiotherapists to the Seba Med Brighton & Hove Triathlon

Transition - the 4th event

Triathlons are one of those sporting epidemics that has gathered so much momentum over the past 10 years. Given that this style of competition is based on being able to perform 4 unique physical time counting events, the game can change instantly should you find yourself a natural 'Chris Hoy' on the bike despite a less welcoming start in the water! Despite much belief that you have to be GI Jane to enter, there's evidence that training for a triathlon creates less vulnerability to injury as you are training your body across 3 separate sports rather than exposing yourself to the often relentless process of training in one sport (running for example). As a result we see less people visiting us with injuries, which could suggest that it's a far healthier thing to do!

Studio57clinic over 15 years has supported some of the biggest sports events in Brighton & Hove including Brighton Marathon and The Sussex Beacon Half (now known as the Grand Brighton Half). Having been raceside supporting participants with pre  / post race massage and injury advice, we believe we can support you with the A-Z of race day conundrums! And trust us when we say we've seen quite a few!

Don't put off what we can support you with today!

20% off first visit

When it comes down to trying to keep injury free and bullet proof, there's an old saying that we live by to keep you in the race... 'Listen to your body when it's whispering to you rather than when it's shouting at you!'  it's for those reasons why we would promote you to invest time into seeing a health professional to help keep you in as great shape as possible. 
If visiting us for the first time, expect a thorough case history to help get a good understanding of your physical ability, we would include a short but effective biomechanical assessment to help identify potential areas that maybe vulnerable if increasing the intensity, frequency or duration. Expect a high quality deep tissue treatment if manual therapy (massage) is your thing. Expect to leave with a few conditioning ideas to help you look after yourself (thus reducing the frequency of visiting us providing you do your homework!). Expect to receive 20% off your first visit to us if coming through Brighton & Hove Triathlon (must quote that on booking)

Race day 16th September, book now to reserve your treatment pre or post race


Whether you participate frequently or adding this experience to your bucket list, there's no denying how massage can help you prepare or repair from the days output! Typically, we treat 150+ athletes on race day, this year we're chosing to offer it online to give you the opportunity to guarantee your treatment and fast track you to your treatment on the day. If purchased now (while stocks last)the first 50 will receive a raceband which will be available for collection on either exhibition or race day. This band will be exchanged for your treatment when the time suits you (you'll be fast tracked to avoid any lengthy waits). 
(Anyone booking on the day will be charged £2 more on treatments and will have to join the queue!) Mindful of this, do seriously consider booking now to get your treatment guaranteed!

Buy now - £10 for 15 minutes, £20 for extended 30 minute pre  / post race

Pre / post race treatment options to visit us are based on how much gratitude you'd like to award your body! 

Using the trusted Paypal services, you can reserve your treatment with minimal effort. Options are as follows:
Book a 15 minute treatment, to use either pre or post race - £10
Book 2 x 15 minute treatment BOTH pre and post - £20 
Book a 30 minute treatment, to use either pre or post race (either the perfect warm up or cool down) - £20
Book 2 x 30 minute treatment BOTH pre and post race (The perfect warm up and cool down!) - £40

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