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Supporting the Brighton & Hove running community for 15 years!

Studio57clinic has been supporting Brighton & Hoves running community for over 15 years. In fact it all started when we rocked up at an early Reebok 10 race (now called Brighton Brooks!) armed with 2 treatment couches, 6 towels and enough massage oil to warrant a U.S. occupation!  To date we have been the offical therapists to the Brighton Half, Brighton Marathon, Brighton Brooks, Brigh10, Heroes Run, and Rise 8k Undercliff run. Our therapists, mostly all runners have great experience in treating injuries and very much the know how to keep you in the race. But that's not all, spotlighting some of the team you might want to book in with:

Maria Pali

Maria Pali, A supreme massage therapist & our Marathon and Ultramarathon pocket rocket!
Since 2010 Maria has run over a 100 marathons and 25 ultra marathons. Our very own die hard running enthusiast comes armed with a tool box of treatment styles to help support your body as you ramp up time on your feet towards race day. Maria runs locally with Brighton and Hove Athletic Club and is a full member of the 100 Marathon Club and Vegan Runners UK. 

Mitchell Phillips

Mitchell Phillips - Director + Running Injury Specialist.
Mitchell is the director of Studio57clinic and StrideUK, one of the UK's leading running technique companies. Having studied in Biomechanics and Motion Analysis in 2007, he created a state of the art in house gait lab here at 57. Mitchell provides a full body gait analysis service allowing the ability to identify any minor vulnerability that can create an exponential effect on the body during the process of running. Mitchell has worked with Olympian runner Liz Yelling, Olympic Rower / Runner James Cracknell and the Legend himself Mr Eddie Izzard.    

Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips - Running Guru and Running Injury  / Massage Therapist
Matt is our go-to-guy for everything running. He is the 'in-house-running-injury-specialist' for Running Fitness Magazine, writes for Runners Connect, was the first Sports Therapist ever on The Physio Matters Podcast and is one of the annual guest speakers at the national Therapy Expo conference. As well as giving injury treatment & advice, Matt offers run coaching & training plans, and full body Video Gait Analysis in our in house running technique lab StrideUK to help reduce the risk of re-injury & improve your running performance. 


Lidia  - Podiatrist / MSK specialist / Orthotics
Lidia n is our inhouse podiatrist  / chiropodist, she graduated with a first-class honours degree in Podiatry from The University of Brighton, winning the coveted Annual Merit Scholarship for achieving the highest overall grade in any of the health profession courses. If you feel you have troubled feet whether bunions, blisters or struggling with nail problems, Sarah would be the person to see. Podiatry doesn't stop with foot health, Sarah is an MSK (musculoskeletal) consultant. For skeletal dysfunctions / foot and ankle pain, Sarah can offer you full support in this specialised area. 


For full detailed information on our video gait analysis service, visit our partner company website StrideUK. Alternately, you can always call us on 01273 711399 to discuss whether running technique analysis would be right for you.  

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