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Supporting the Brighton & Hove running community for 15 years!

Studio57clinic has been supporting Brighton & Hoves running community for over 15 years. In fact it all started when we rocked up at an early Reebok 10 race (now called Brighton Brooks!) armed with 2 treatment couches, 6 towels and enough massage oil to warrant a U.S. occupation!  To date we have been the offical therapists to the Brighton Half, Brighton Marathon, Brighton Brooks, Brigh10, Heroes Run, and Rise 8k Undercliff run. Our therapists, mostly all runners have great experience in treating injuries and very much the know how to keep you in the race. But that's not all, spotlighting some of the team you might want to book in with:

Our Running & Performance service is split into 4 areas of expertise, prices vary.

Massage / Prehabilitation
For many, sports massage plays a huge role in getting them to the start line in as best condition as possible. When mileage starts ramping up, checking in with your therapist for an overhaul once a month can deliver wonders mentally and physically to help prepare you for race day. Read more...

3D Running technique analysis
At Studio57clinic, we have one of the UK’s first 3D running technique labs that can provide the most accurate detailed understanding s to why you may be struggling with an injury or training plateau. And despite so many books, forums and other health professionals promoting you run any differently than you unconsciously do, we simply use the laws of physics to identify the reasons behind your running efficiency. Read more...

Running Injuries & rehabilitation
Our aim is to give you a confident diagnosis of your injury, and provide you with  all the tools you need to do to overcome your injury by yourself. We believe that given the right information with the right timings, you don’t need to visit us frequently. If however you prefer having us on support to help accelerate your recovery time, we’re happy to do that too. Read more...

Foot Health / Chiropody
Our in house podiatrist (available every other Saturday too) can help you with the A-Z of runners foot health, always best practise to visit your podiatrist if you find you are experiencing nail pain, nerve pain, skin damage including blisters, callus, or even athletes foot. From first hand experience, foot health problems are not something worth enduring especially if you’ve got long runs ahead of you. Read more...

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