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Verrucca Needling at Studio57clinic

Podiatry at Studio57clinic, Prices from £30

foothealth and MSK

Podiatry is all about foot health, footcare and how the strength of your foot and ankle plays a vital role further up the bodies 'kinetic chain’. If you have foot or ankle pain, concern with foot posture e.g. flat or high arched feet, corns callus or toe nail disorders… a podiatrist would be ideal for you.
Podiatry and Chiropody are actually two of the same professions, sometimes Podiatrists may include insert / orthotic prescription.  MSK podiatrists however work more with the biomechanics of the foot and ankle (skeletal and muscles). 

Sarah Collington

At Studio57clinic, we have the absolute pleasure of working with 
Sarah CollingtonSarah originally graduated with a first-class honours degree in Podiatry from The University of Brighton, specialises in ongoing footcare for people with diabetes, as well as those with painful, injured or hard-to-reach feet.  As a mum-of-three, and having been both an antenatal teacher and a governor at a local primary school, Sarah loves working with children and families and can offer paediatric assessment and management for growing feet. For more about her skill set... click here

Footcare and Muscular Skeletal Injuries

foothealth and MSK

Podiatry / Chiropody covers the more superficial foot care conditions which include:  

    Cracked heels      Ingrowing toenails     Black / blue toe nails
Verrucas Toe nail cutting Blisters
Corns and Callous Fungal infections Athletes foot

MSK covers the more muscular skeletal foot / ankle problems which include:  

    Heel  / ankle pain       Plantafaciitus             Shin splints 
Toe pain Heel spurs Running related pain
Achillies / calf pain Diabetes Orthotics

It would be important to tell us about your reason for visiting us for either Footcare or MSK (Muscular / skeletal) as most Muscular Skeletal problems require a longer case history hence often a longer appointment. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to speak to us and allow us to guide you towards the right appointment for you. 


Chiropody / Podiatry / MSK

Chiropody  / Podiatry and MSK is broken down into two seperate price structures as follows:



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