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Massage at Studio57clinic

Massage may appear like an overindulgent treat, but is massively beneficial to your health. It is a great stress busting tool that reduces muscular tension, improves circulation, promotes fresh oxygen and nutrients around the body, boosting your immune system and improving your overall mind  / body balance! All of our therapists are qualified and experienced to use massage as a tool to help restore the body to 'neutral', but for choosing a particular method of treatment, it's important to ask for the most suitable therapist.   

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage / Remedial treatments

Name it as you wish, but sports / remedial massage is by far the most popular treatments we offer at studio57clinic. Ideal for athletes or runners pre race or more than often an invigorating treatment for the clients that enjoy a deep connective tissue treatment to help expel the body from aches, stress and anxiety! Fear not, a remedial massage doesn't always have to be a toe curling, facial grimacing endurance event! Despite the classic 'no pain... no gain' saying, we always promote working at a pressure agreeable with you. All our therapists are more than experienced to treat you, book in at your own convenience. 

Relaxation / Lymphatic Massage

If you're looking to float out of Studio57clinic, treat yourself to a relaxation massage.  This style of treatment is typically based on as a 'Swedish Lymphatic' massage. It's the sort of treatment you can expect at a health spa or a beauty centre (except less wind chimes and Enya playing in the background). A Swedish Lympatic massage is primarily used to reduce stress, improve circulation and movement and provides the deep relaxation that allows our minds and bodies to rejuvenate. This is ideal for Pregnant mothers through all Trimeisters, or people who generallu need some downtime with TLC.

Hot Stone Massage ( Book in with Maria Pali )

Hot Stones

Hot stone massage is a great way to treat your self or someone you care about. It’s one of the most relaxing luxury treatments on offer and is a fantastic stress buster. The hot stones are massaged gently but deeply into the muscles, releasing blockages and work more powerfully on areas of tension than even a deep tissue massage.  The stones can be held in place where the heat is needed to penetrate deeper or glide gently and over sore and tight muscles in a soothing and calming rhythm.

Hand and Foot Massage ( Book in with Maria Pali )

Hot Stones

Hand and Foot Massage is the ultimate de stress spa type session that is done fully clothed with oils or balms. An ideal gift for a friend or loved one or just treat yourself. Lie back and enjoy a mixture of techniques including reflexology, acupressure, deep massage and gentle flowing strokes which include hands/forearms and feet/lower legs.  At the end of the session you will be fully relaxed, yet energised and rejuvenated. This is also and excellent treatment for weary running or standing feet.

Cupping ( Book in with Maria Pali )


Cupping is an ancient therapy where cups are placed on the skin and a vacuum is created by suction. Cupping can be very relaxing and can promote the lymphatic system, draining toxins and improving the skins elasticity. A much stronger vacuum can penetrate up to 4 inches into the tissues, providing a very strong deep tissue massage. Ideal for loosening adhesions and increase blood flow. Intensity of vacuum can vary alongside the duration a cup is 'parked' for. Unlike a deep tissue massage, cupping uses ‘negative pressure’ i.e. it lifts the tissues, creating space and energy within the connective tissues. This is highly recommended for tight backs and ITB’s or maintenance massage.

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