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Matt Phillips - Sports Injuries & Persistent Pain

Matt Phillips

Matt is a Level 5 Sports Therapist, but that does NOT mean he only deals with sports-related pain! Matt sees people of all ages & fitness levels, and specialises in the following two areas:

Running Injuries & Running Performance
Matt is our go-to-guy for everything running. He is the 'in-house-running-injury-specialist' for Running Fitness Magazine, writes for Runners Connect, was the first Sports Therapist ever on The Physio Matters Podcast and is one of the annual guest speakers at the national Therapy Expo conference.
As well as giving injury treatment & advice, Matt offers run coaching & training plans, and full body Video Gait Analysis to help reduce the risk of re-injury & improve your running performance. 

A little more info about Matt

Sports - half marathons, marathons, martial arts
Last time I was really scared - Knife to my neck in Venice Beach had its moments... 
Strengths - Communication, and when that fails a Spinning Roundhouse
Weaknesses -  Spending too much time online >>>
Most impressive location I've visited - Great Barrier Reef or The Colosseum 
Final meal - Baked Camembert, rustic bread & bottle of Chardonnay.
Greatest self accomplishment - Running the Brighton Marathon in a Morphsuit was kind of hot.  
2 people I have round a dinner table - Bruce Lee & Elvis Presley
Desert island disc - which album? - Elvis Presley: An American Trilogy (Live, 1972)
Animal I think best reflects me - Orangutan - my long strong arms can make walking slow & awkward...

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