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Laura Willams - Podiatrist and Chiropodist

Laura  / Podiatrist

Superpowers: ingrown toenails; verrucae; heel and achilles pain; orthotic prescription; diabetes.

Laura graduated 3 years ago from Brighton University and has since gain a wealth of footcare experience both in clinic and in community nursing homes. Quickly developing a passion for patient education, Laura has authored 4 children's’ books on both type I & type II diabetes and their complications. Laura is now looking forward to starting a Masters degree in International Health Promotion at Brighton University to take her patient education to a new level. In her spare time, Laura enjoys volunteering for a charity called T1 International, Diabetes UK, and supporting a homeless service for foot health / podiatry needs.

Author of 'Grandpa Diet & Diabetes'


Laura is the author of 'Grandpa Diet and Diabetes' (available at Amazon paperback or kindle). It is the first in a series of 3 books intended to help children get a grasp on this disease, know how to prevent it, and how to treat it. Nick is just a kid when he notices his rock and roll grandfather is ill. In simple, playful language, this series teaches children all they need to know about diabetes and helping people who suffer from the disease. 

A little more info…

Favourite sports - going to the gym and dancing.

Last time I was really scared - zip lining through the rainforest in Costa Rica. I only did it to get over my fear of heights... it didn’t work!

Most impressive location I've seen - the Celsius library in Ephesus, Turkey.

Final meal - a big family Sunday lunch or a big chinese with friends.

Two dinner party guests - Brian Cox because he is just amazing and Ellie Simmonds because she has such a bright and bubbly personality and is constantly laughing.

Desert island discs, which album? - a compilation of West End musicals.

Animal that best reflects me - a service dog, able to provide comfort and support while helping those in need.

Greatest self accomplishment - I am dyslexic and I didn’t learn to read until I was 13. I didn’t get my English GCSE until 2012. It doesn’t sound much to most people, however for a person who spent 3/4 of the time reading the paper during exams, achieving this was one of the best moments of my life.

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