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What Happens When You Wear High Heels?

High heels can be the finishing touch on any outfit, but what are the real effects on the body? This week we discuss what happens to your body when you wear high heels, and what you should be doing if you are comitted to your stilettos.

Sussex Life Awards 2017, please vote for us!

Please nominate us for  - Outstanding Customer Service
Sussex Life is an awesome magazine which celebrates all the best in Sussex, including food and drink, people, celebrity interviews, property, events, walks and competitions. Annually, they host an awards across a range of categories including Pubs, Festivals, Restaurants, Hoteliers, Newcomer, Entertainment, Services and Outstanding Customer Service. Needless to say, we don't happen to fit most categories, but optimistically hope that we could take on the bigger fish when it comes down to customer service. Mindful of this, we'd grafully value you nominating us for this particular award, Voting closes 16th July, would you, could you support us by at least getting us to the nominations! To nominate online, simply click on the image to the left or double tap here!

Dry Needling - The most effective clinical treatment for verrucas

Dry Needling (a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic) is the most effective method to treat verrucas. Clinical reports conclude 69% success in the first treatment (against 15% for more common treatments). Studio57clinic are proud to offer this service through our Podiatry / Chiropody service. It has proved to be a priceless treatment for patients who appear to have tried everything including visiting other experienced chiropodists / podiatrists to rid themselves of this persistant problem. Due to it being performed under a local anesthetic, there is a significant reduction of discomfort and expect a speedy recovery from surgery. Read more:

What's Brighton got three of (and soon to be four)?

Parkrun Hove Promenade

If you said 'theatres', 'cinemas' or 'bars on the Brighton Pier', you would be correct - but the answer we were actually looking for is parkruns! Of the three parkruns currently available in Brighton & Hove (the fourth in Bevendean will be starting imminently after a full trial of the course on Sunday 24th January at 11.30am), Hove Promenade is the most recent. Hove Prom, as it is affectionately known, launched back in July 2015 and takes place every Saturday 9:00am at Hove Lawns, Kingsway. As is the case for all parkruns, it costs nothing to join and is suitable for runners of all levels, ages, shapes and sizes. Here at Studio57clinic, we really can't recommend them enough. Fearful of being at the back of the pack? Here's a few reasons not to be!  Read more...


Supporting Carlos Acosta principle guest artist of the royal ballet

Carlos Acosta

Last July, Studio57clinic supported the legendary world class Carlos Acosta, principle guest artist of the royal ballet. Carlos performed for 3 nights at the Brighton Dome and secured the services of studio57clinic to provide post performance treatment. Both Elle and our clinic dance therapist Joss Hall ventured down to the Dome during his performance and set up 'shop' back stage in his changing room. With both Elle and Joss's background in ballet and contemporary dance, it was safe to say that it was an absolute privilige to have worked with one of the all time world class bests. Especially for Joss who had simply idolised Carlos from a Cygnet !



Hove Service awards 2015 we won!!

Hove service awards

We are delighted to have now won 3 years in a row Hove at your service awards. This year - Studio57clinic picked up best speciality business and Elle won Business Personality of the year! Many thanks to Matt for representing the firm at the awards evening (photo of Matt with Juice FM Talia French) Many thanks to all our clients for their trusted support voting for us.

The awards – supported by Brighton & Hove Independent – were organised by 10 sixth-form students, who are all studying Business Studies at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA).


James Cracknell visits StrideUK!

James Cracknell

It's not often we get someone as high profile as James Cracknell coming through our door, and believe us, he's as charming and friendly as he is on the screen!  James Cracknell is a British athlete, rowing champion and double Olympic gold medalist. In 2006, he took his cast iron endurance ability to distance running and triathlons. He ran the London Marathon on 23 April 2006, in a time of 3 hours, finishing over an hour ahead of his rowing team mate Matthew Pinsent. In July 2008 Cracknell competed in the European Triathlon Championships for GBR for his age group and in November 2009 he took part in the New York Marathon. In April 2010 Cracknell became the highest placed Briton ever in the 25-year history of the Marathon des Sables, finishing 12th.

Elite Athlete in rehab - my first back injury!

Leanne Garner, a full-time firefighter, a part-time sports massage therapist, and a part-time triathlon coach faces her very first back injury rendering her out of commission for 4-6 weeks. With the European Triathlon Champs only 18 weeks away, a full lower back melt down is the last thing she needs whilst training requires her to massively step up in time for Geneva...
“No training for 4 – 6 weeks” .. Those words were still ringing around my head as I left the osteopathic clinic. My eyes filled up.  Telling me not to train, is pretty much akin to telling me not to breathe! It’s what I do, and who I am. And with the European Triathlon Champs only 18 weeks away I began to panic! Read more...



How to find a personal trainer

This article was provided by Kev Betts of aka @52marathonman.

Finding a personal trainer (PT) is easy. At last count, every other person in the United Kingdom appeared to be one, so statistically if you chose to punch a stranger in the head, you have a 50% chance of hitting a PT. This statistic is not true, of course. It’s just a joke. There are actually over 19,000 PTs in the UK, according to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). And that’s just the registered ones. Many don’t affiliate with REPs and many more call themselves PTs (or wellness coaches or fitness trainers or similar) and do not have any qualifications at all. The market is very clearly saturated with people making a living from your and picking your diamond from a potentially toxic turd can be a difficult proposition.  Read more...

BMF Get Lean, mean and bullet proof!

(Have tea and cake afterwards) 

My experience by Mitchell Phillips, Director, Studio57clinic.
Running was always my 'thing' to unload stress and help myself unwind, it was always something I could turn to to make me feel better. However, since turning 40, I've been wrestling with the vulnerability of injury if I increased my running mileage. Having preached enough to my clients the importance of spreading training across a variety of exercises rather than relying one sport to keep you fit and sane... I decided to take up the kind invitation to try out British Military Fitness in Hove. Read more...

Rob Edmond - Help for Heroes challange

Rob Edmond 'Barrel of Laughs'

A further thrilling contact for Mitchell as he supports Ex SAS and Fitness Guru Rob Edmond on a 9 day 517 mile challenge dragging a barrel from a Blair Athol Distillery in Pitlochry, Scotland to finish at the Help for Heroes recovery centre in Tedworth House, Wiltshire. 
"This 9 day contract was different from The Richard Whitehead challenge. Rob (ex SAS) was supported by a team mainly made up of ex military soldiers from mixed armed forces. It therefore had a far greater military style operational feel to it. Once again, met and worked with some very experienced and inspiring people, an absolute privilege to have been part of their unit!"


Eddie Izzard visits StrideUK

Eddie Izzard

in 2009,  world class stand up comedian and actor Eddie Izzard compelted an astonishing 43 marathons across England in just 52 days as well as raising thousands for Sports Relief. But Eddies challenge didn't stop there, pledging to run 27 marathons across South Africa in a televised documentary celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. His marathons was paying tribute to every year Mandela was held in prison, 27 years in total.  In relativity, running 27 marathons may sound a lot less tougher than running 43 marathons, but running across Africa comes with a host of other complications: harsh interchanging climates, insanely hot temperatures and high humidity, severe terrain and high chances of infection from polluted water and deadly diseases. Despite his first attempt in 2012 being put on hold after 4 marathons due to a multitude of such environmental factors, his quest was certainly not over. His first stop was working with a new team to help him prepare for his next attempt...

Richard Whitehead 40 marathons, 40 day challenge

Richard runs britain

Paralympic gold medallist Richard Whitehead has completed 40 marathons in 40 days. Richard, born without the lower part of his legs, began his career as a marathon runner but took on the challenge to train and win Gold for the 200 metre sprint at the 2012 paralympic games returned back to his roots by setting off from John O'Groats, 1 marathon a day to finish Land's End 40 days later. Mitchell met and worked with Richard at a London Marathon training day hosted by Yelling Performance. Richard visited us at StrideUK for some running conditioning stuff but always stayed in touch. Rich Runs Britain Challenge required a team of professionals to support him all the way. Mitchell was called in to look after Richards body for 10 days from Scotland to Manchester. "It was a brillant trip working with such a dedicated team to help Richard complete the challenge and raise £105,000 for charities Sarcoma UK and Scope.

Dakota Roche - 2012 Street Rider of the Year

Dakota Roche vistis Studio57clinic

It was typical buzzy day at studio57clinic when we received a call from a film producers assistant trying to book the californian extreme BMX street bike wizard 'Dakota Roche' in with us. (Apparently, what most stunts kids can perform at a high end of a scateboard, he can do it on a BMX!!)  On tour in England filming street bike tricks in unique spot selections up and down the country, his Brighton film shoot came to a slightly abrubt halt due to sudden injury which was the catalist for visiting us at Studio57clinic. Unfortunately, Mitchells bike talk chat was slightly limited to a wheely, a bunny jump or an endo! Fortunately, we had younger therapists who saved Dakota from the perils of a 40 year old attempting to be street wise!



Phone calls don't get any more random when we get a call from the tour manager of the dance troupe Diversity. Somehow they had lost their physio on tour on the final leg of their UK tour, second to last stop - Brighton Centre. Needless to say, we were happy to oblige and went down to the Brighton Centre armed with enough RockTape to wrap an egyptian mummy. "These guys have such incredible athletic ability, considering they are performing twice a day every day of the week. It's of no suprise that by the end of the tour, muscle ache and vulnerability is highly likely. The best thing was the fact that even though they were so disciplined to performing, they were so eager to take on advice and eager to learn. A really great team of people, too bad we didn't ask for a photo shot with them!"

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